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Soccer Marks

Branding, Graphic Design


create a visual identity for the club that reflects its role within the school’s community


2015 initial logo design


Freshman year of college, I was at a crossroads. I wanted to continue with my passion for soccer by joining the Philadelphia University’s men’s team, but I new from older friends’ experiences how much time it would steal from my studies limiting my ability to succeed in design. Thus, a friend and I decided to start a club soccer team for the first time in the school’s history. Although we were building the organization from scratch, we wanted to use the power of design to create something that felt established and trustworthy. Thus I put my efforts into creating a mark for the club that pulled influence from traditional university marks that would immediately register as something historic and respectable.




Design Influence

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2017 Redesign


By 2017 the club was becoming established, we had over 50 members and were playing in the Greater Philadelphia division of NIRSA, the nationally recognized collegiate club soccer league. The vibe of the club was changing, however from what we initially expected it to be. The club quickly attracted many of the die-hard designers, artists, and skaters who had had a passion for sport. Additionally, the school was bought by Jefferson University, a nearby medical school, so the university’s name change provided the opportunity to redesign the identity of the club.




Design Influence

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